Turqle Trading is a good FOOD story...

It is about sauces and spices and condiments - made with the best ingredients - by people who really like food (always good to know!).

It is about authenticity - about delivering what we promise - goodness and pure flavour.

Turqle Trading is a good PEOPLE story...

It is about making a difference in South Africa: job creation, education and exporting fully 'made in South Africa' products (it means the production earnings stay in South Africa).

Our aim is sustainability: healthy industries, viable companies, resilient societies and resourceful individuals...

Turqle Trading is a Fair Trade organisation...

We are a flexible interface between South African Fair Trade food producers and fair trading markets - both locally and internationally.

Our commitment is to transparency, accountability and sustainability. Beyond product management, quality control, logistics and finance, we invest in the global and local fair trading conversation.

Image of roast onion & garlic used to lllustrate the link to the Turqle Trading 'About' page.

Turqle's founders wanted to grow a Fair Trade food company that would be sustainable and self-sufficient. We wanted a company that would be resilient enough... read more

Images of Cape Treasures Seaweed Salt and Ukuva iAfrica's Moroccan Harissa seasoning used to illustrate the link to the Turqle Trading Products page.

Turqle has two brands: Cape Treasures - a taste of the Cape - deliciously mellow, classic Cape flavours, and Ukuva iAfrica - a taste of Africa - feisty, lively and often fiery... read more

Image of multi coloured grapes on the vine used to illustrate the link to the 'contact' page.

Contact details for Turqle Trading, Cape Treasures, Ukuva and Turqle Brands (the on-line shop for our South African fans), the compulsory legal stuff and some helpful links... read more

Image of Cape Herb & Spice workers playing a productivity game during Fair Trade Trust training.

The Fair Trade Trust provides a Fair Trade benefit for Turqle's producers. The funds in the Fair Trade Trust is made available for education because - as a wise man once said... read more

Image of pickers sorting Peppersweet chillies at Fynbos Fine Foods used to illustrate the producers topic.

Turqle's producers are varied - some small, some big, some ultra-sophisticated, some decidedly rustic - but they have one thing in common: a true love of food and a real commitment to... read more

Image of Salt harvesters at Khoisan Natural Salt to illustrate the Fair Trade 2.0 topic

And then the question arises... "What do we need to do today (or even tomorrow) to ensure that Fair Trade will be a meaningful part of the global economic conversation in 2022..." read more

WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade logo on the Turqle Trading's web page footer.

Turqle pays 2,5% of the FOB price of every product sold, to the Fair Trade Trust. This money is used for the education of the workers and their children. Some of Turqle's customers also contribute to the Fair Trade Trust.