Turqle is a good food story...

We believe in making flavours with good foundations and delightful accents. That is why we put in the '10,000 kitchen hours' to get it just right!

The flavour heart of our sauces and condiments come from real vegetables: sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, garlic and chilli. With this much fresh stuff, it also means there are that many more people involved, and each bit of extra human attention adds to the life of the sauce.

Spice blends are part art, part craft, part luck and part magic. The secret however, lies in the balance - it has to be just right, and only real people can make that judgement.

In spice blends, the 'slightly better than the rest' depth, comes from the 'praise singers' - the bits that add the nuances... those accents that spike little pops of salt, or sweet or acid or green-herbiness. So Lemon Pepper is not just lemon and pepper - its the garlic, chives, lemon and orange peel, the bit of salt and spots of lemon and orange oil that turn it into 'friendship spice'...   

Turqle brands include Cape Treasures, Ukuva and The Savoury. We enjoy building special projects (and by now, we're pretty good at it!) and we pack products under private, Fair Trade labels.

Have a look at our food book - there's lots of inspirations, recipes and ideas...

Then, spread the joy... order yourself (or someone special) a food-happiness treat!

Cape Treasures logo and composite of products

Cape Treasures are smooth classics with the flavours of the Cape.

Some of the products we use almost every single day - like Seaweed Salt and Smoked Olive Oil. Some we use in special occasion dishes - like roast pork belly with crackling and when people ask for a recommendation for a 'not hot' food gift, there is a perfect Cape Treasures combination for every taste.

" Cape Treasures is quite simply deliciousness, done very, very well. "

Have a look at all the Cape Treasures HERE or see them in our FOOD BOOK, or go straight to the SHOP...

Ukuva iAfrica logo and composite of products.

Ukuva is the "Taste of Africa" - the tales of many journeys, told in food.

Ukuva are the BIG flavours. Some are hot, some are not so hot.
Some spice blends are mesmerisingly complex - like Spiced Bliss, Island Spice or Happiness Spice. Some spice blends turn up the heat - like Fire Spice, Chilli & Ginger, Harissa and Hot Rocks Hot. Some blends make friends as far as they go - think Lemon Pepper (aka Friendship blend) and Chakalaka, and some sauces are delightful party animals. Kids love them!

"A flavour-adventure is waiting to be found... are you ready?"

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Explore Ukuva in our FOOD BOOK or browse the SHOP...

The Savoury logo and salt image

The Savoury

is pure, mineral rich, marine salt made by the sun and wind from brine that was created in a time before pollution began.

Once the salt has formed in the small pans, the process is simple - most of it is done by hand and there is no harsh meachanical grinding or drying processes to drive off the natural sea-minerals before it is gathered, cleaned and packed by real people.

This means each crystal stays as perfect as the day it was formed.

More HERE...

Ukuva iAfrica logo and composite of products.

TT-Home / Special Projects

There is almost always a special project or two in production...
These can range from tiny runs of Fleur de Sel that we pack by hand - 200 jars at a time - for a super-specialist customer, to a monumental, 1000 unit project where we created and packed 24 mini spices for an Advent Gift (complete with QR codes, an on-line recipe resource and a handmade raffia angel), to lots and lots of different gift packs.

EL Puente Grinders

Private Label

We also pack private label, Fair Trade products.
El Puente in Germany has a range of about forty Turqle products under their own label. These products are not identical to the Ukuva or Cape Treasures products, and most products were specially formulated for El Puente.
El Puente is a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade member and all their products carry the WFTO GS label.

We have been building our export market since 1997. There are active markets in the UK, the USA and Europe. Our domestic market in South Africa is a separate trading entity. In 2020 we gave Turqle SA to our current employees to run for their own profit.

" Ultimately, it is about delivering what we promise: a do-good, feel good, taste good, 'come back for more', food story! "


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